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M.C. Peterson & Associates has provided security consulting and/or design services for
diverse market segments. 

Projects performed in partnership with Layne Consultants International, Inc. are linked in purple.

  • Why should I use a consultant?
    There are many good reasons to use the services of a security consultant. The reason applicable to you depends on your unique situation. Maybe there is just not enough time in the day to dedicate to the installation or upgrade or your organization's security system? Perhaps you are unsure about which products or contractors to use? In either case, a qualified security consultant can be the answer. Most frequently, clients require assistance developing exactly what it is that they need. They know they have a problem to solve, but are uncertain about what options are available to solve it. Each security contractor they have spoken to offer a different solution. A qualified consultant can help clarify the need, develop a concise project scope, identify the right system configuration and qualified contractors, construct the documents necessary to solicit proposals, and assist with the selection and management of a proper, cost-effective system solution.
  • How is M.C. Peterson & Associates different?
    M.C. Peterson & Associates Professional Security Consulting & Design is uniquely qualified because our staff has extensive experience in all aspects of the electronic security industry. We have personally installed, serviced, and managed hundreds of integrated security system projects. We know what it takes to provide customers with a system solution that meets their expectations and how to overcome the obstacles that can be encountered with a project that may involve multiple geographic locations or require coordination with multiple construction trades. We are non-product affiliated. We do not rely on the expertise of a few security manufacturers or contractors that limit our ability to select the proper system solution for your unique application. We possess an extensive knowledge base of the security products available and the capabilities of the contractors that provide and install them. We are constantly re-educating ourselves on the release of new products as well as the enhancement of existing ones. We understand that each customer need is unique and that a select few products cannot adequately address all situations We are a team player. The most expensive, technically advanced solution is not necessarily the correct solution. We work as a member of the project team to provide a solution that best fits with your organization's culture, staffing, geographic location, and budget. And most importantly, we consistently meet commitments and do what we say we will do.
  • Why is being non-product affiliated important?
    Some consultants rely heavily on their relationships with a few security product manufacturers or contractors for system application information. This can severely limit the options that they can provide to their clients. There is no single system manufacturer that is right for every situation. It is the duty of a qualified security consultant to make sure their client is aware of all of the options available and how each one may effect the project outcome. The most technically advanced system is of little benefit if the feature set does not complement the client needs, or if there is no local qualified installation and service provider available.
  • Doesn't a security consultant add cost to a project?
    Many times the use of a security consultant actually saves money through clearly defining the project scope and helping to create an apples-to-apples competitive acquisition environment. Using a qualified consultant can identify unnecessary project expense or over-selling. Improper system selection can result in unexpected upgrade costs when it is discovered that the system does not provide the feature set desired or posses the expansion capabilities to address the client's future needs. The right consultant, as part of the project team, can provide piece of mind that the system purchased offers the most cost-effective solution meeting not only today's requirements, but also those of the future.
  • How are services charged?
    Before fees can even be considered, we meet with the client to understand their business and discuss the anticipated project scope. In most cases there is no fee associated with this meeting. Most often, fees are based on a not-to-exceed figure developed after we understand the project scope and duration. Firm fixed price and hourly agreements are available if requested by the client. Clients are billed monthly for actual hours used as based on our established rates for: Senior Consultant, Associate Consultant, CAD/REVIT, and Administration. Expenses are billed at the actual cost, and are not marked up. Expenses typically include: airfare, lodging, meals, transportation, duplication fees, express package delivery, international long distance charges, etc. No expenses are incurred without prior client approval.
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